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Aug 10th 2002

Members attending the meeting included:   Richard Foerster,  Jim Lucha,  Jeff Lasman, Alan Shoemaker, Don Evinger,  Jerry Schnaus,  Tom Nielsen, Ossil Macavinta, Michael Karshner, Clint Byrum, and Dana Rodin.  


New members, Iffiok Nsek , Mark DiNicolai,  Karl Pomroy, Joe Bruner, Eric Holland, and Eric Schwartz were unable to make this meeting.    Also missing at this meeting Mac Shaver,  Klaus Herzog, Todd Lyons, Dave Reisz, Gary Taylor, Ken Howels,  Hung Nguyen, Kandy Phan, Tad Peters, Isaac Saldana,  Forrest Sherman,  Craig Carignan, Donna Schrokosch, and  Jim Vassilakos.


The group had an interesting discussion related to the use of computers in education, the method of teaching technology, and  other issues.   Jim Lucha and Jeff Lasman provided some updated information from further discussions with Donna Schrokosch and the Hawthorn Center, since the July meeting.  

All-in-all the meeting was a great success, and we are looking forward to our next meeting on Sept 14th, 2002.