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February  9th 2002

Members attending the meeting included:   Richard Foerster,  Alan
Shoemaker,  Mac Shaver, Don Evinger, Forrest Sherman, Dick Mathews, Jim Lucha,  Klaus Herzog, Jim Vassilakos, Isaac Saldana, Ken Howels, Martin Fleming, and Abdul Sheik who was visiting the meeting for the first time.

New members, Ossil Macavinta, Dana Rodden, Mark DiNicolai,  Karl Pomroy, Joe Bruner, Eric Holland, Eric Schwartz and were unable to make this meeting.    Also missing at this meeting were Dave Reisz, Gary Taylor, Hung Nguyen, Kandy Phan, Tad Peters, and  Craig Carignan.

We spent a portion of the meeting in a round-robin discussion of introductions, in which members told a little of their history and experience with Linux.  Isaac also provided a brief report on recent upgrades to the mail servers under his control, and new security measures he has implemented.    Dick Mathews brought in his computer for some finishing work on the Red-Hat 7.2 installation and help from Jim Lucha and others. 

For the remainder of the meeting members got together in groups of three or four and discussed interests and provided tips on a range of topics, based on questions that were posed.

The meeting was a great success, and everyone is looking forward to the next session which is scheduled for March 9th.