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May 11th 2002

Members attending the meeting included:   Richard Foerster,  Alan
Shoemaker,  Mac Shaver,  Don Evinger,  Jim Lucha,  Forrest Sherman and Iffiok Nsek.
New members Martin Fleming, Ossil Macavinta, Dana Rodden, Mark DiNicolai,  Karl Pomroy, Joe Bruner, Jeff Lensman, Eric Holland, and Eric Schwartz were unable to make this meeting.    Also missing at this meeting were Klaus Herzog, Todd Lyons, Dave Reisz, Gary Taylor, Ken Howels,  Hung Nguyen, Kandy Phan, Tad Peters, Isaac Saldana,  Forrest Sherman,  Craig Carignan, and  Jim Vassilakos.

Forrest provided a presentation on his router-firewall project, based on the Bering Distribution, and derived from Charles Steinkuehler's  Dachstein (rc2). It differs from it on two key elements: 1) It is based on a 2.4.x linux kernel  and 2) It relies on Shorewall for extended firewalling facilities.   Shorewall is an iptables based firewall that can be used on a dedicated firewall system, a multi-function gateway/router/server or on a standalone GNU/Linux system. Forrestís system is based on a recycled 486 100mhz system with 16mb ram, a single floppy, three 3com 3c509 10mbit NICs.  He demonstrated that the set up uses NO FANS for the CPU, or power supply. It runs on a ram disk from a single floppy disk. It can be run without a monitor and keyboard. Forrest provided an excellent set of diagrams and other helpful documentation to members to help explain his set-up.  For a more complete list of Links and other information, refer to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lugie/message/1366

Jim Lucha mentioned another product: Astaro Linux, which is a firewall/gateway. Astaro is a very good product along the same lines as E-Smith which was also mentioned. 

Jim also provided a demonstration of the medical application, Ultra Med, that he has been working on for some time.  The system is based on the ICE window manager  and is configured to remove tool bars, permit one application per desktop, and never lose focus in order to provide a standardized, simple-to-use, low support environment.   Jimís carefully thought out  user environment uses a modified VNC so that the support desk can see what the user sees on their desktop, to minimize the need for support to physically go to the users location to assist.    Jim also provided a list of related links and other information from the meeting discussion which can be found at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lugie/message/1367  

All-in-all the meeting was a great success, and we are looking forward to our next meeting on June 8th, 2002.