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Oct 12th 2002

Members attending the meeting included:  Richard Foerster, Greg Rawson, Gary Frye, Jeff Lasman, and Jerry Schnaus. 


Members not in attendance at this meeting included: Jim Lucha,  Isaac Saldana, Martin Fleming, Dick Mathews, Tom Nielsen, KenHowells, Alan Shoemaker, Don Evinger,  Mac Shaver, Klaus Herzog,  Ossil Macavinta, Michael Karshner, Dana Rodin, Todd Lyons, Dave Reisz, Gary Taylor,  Hung Nguyen, Kandy Phan, Tad Peters,  Forrest Sherman,  Craig Carignan, and  Jim Vassilako.    New members, Iffiok Nsek , Mark DiNicolai,  Karl Pomroy, Joe Bruner, Eric Holland, and Eric Schwartz were unable to make this meeting.   


Greg Rawson provided a brief description of a couple of test network configurations that he has set up at home.   Jerry Schnaus described a problem that one of his clients is experiencing protecting an internal network connected to the internet by DSL.   He asked for a recommendation on the use of a Linux systems set up as a firewall verses some other alternatives.  Jeff Lasman recommended that he look at an SMC Barricade™ Cable/DSL Broadband Router (SMC7004VBR) as a reliable and low cost solution.  The Barricade is a platform independent multi-function router combines a 4-port 10/100 Mbps dual speed switch, full-featured SPI firewall, and network management system into one convenient device.


Gary Frye showed a laptop that he is using with SuSe.  The only problem encountered was getting the sound card to operate.  Richard suggested that he check out Open Sound System for Linux which  is a commercial implementation of the Linux sound drivers that are packaged with the Linux kernel. OSS/Linux is 100% compatible with the "freeware" drivers (now known as OSS/Free).   Another possibility suggested was Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system.  In particular for Lap top users there is a How To for overcoming some proprietary issues related to running Linux at: http://www.linux-laptop.net/

It was an interesting meeting and we are looking forward to our next meeting which will be Nov 9th, 2002.