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Project Gallery:

Let us know about any interesting Linux projects you are working on.  Each quarter we will feature the most interesting ones that have been submitted on this page.   Ideas submitted should be related to applications, utilities, tools, and software that you have developed, or tested. 

Project #1:  Ken's RH Linux Weather Station

LUGIE Member, Ken Howells, is involved in a non-profit organization, CSS,  which exists to serve the foot launched flying community in the San Bernardino, CA.  MountainsThe Crestline Soaring Society {CSS} web site maintains useful information about soaring conditions for those interested in Hang Gliding and Paragliding.  He recently installed a Linux based weather station that is incorporated at the CSS Site.  Read more about it by clicking here.   We hope to follow the progress of this project as it develops over time.  Ken plans to give us have a look at the Perl script used in this project.

Project #2:  Gary's php Loan Payment Calculator

LUGIE Member, Gary Taylor, is involved with an advertising service called World Wide Classifieds.  Since he often needs an amortization table for business transactions, he decided to build his own.   As a good will builder, he has made it available to others via the web.  While there are other such pages already, Gary's is unique because it includes a calendar and lists the actual date each payment is due on the professional looking amortization table.   The calendar is good to about 2035,  so it is good for calculating loan payments 30-40 years or less