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The LUGIE List

To facilitate communication among members, LUGIE is the host to a community for Linux enthusiasts through Yahoo Groups   { }  We encourage members to subscribe to the list to stay informed about Linux news and issues, and to share discoveries and items of interest with other members.

An archive of past messages is maintained at the LUGIE community page.  Members may elect to receive all messages posted or receive only a digest of messages.

To get started, press the button at the bottom of this page and enter your e-mail address {where you want your list subscription sent} and a password.   


Q.  How can I post a message?


You can post messages to your community by email or from the  Yahoo Groups Web site:


  1. Via Email
    To send a message to other community members, create an email and address it to, substituting the actual name of your community for "CommunityName." Community names are not case sensitive.

    Note: you can only post to communities you've joined, and only from email addresses registered with Yahoo Groups. If you misspell the name of a community, or attempt to send an email from an account other than the one you joined under, your message will fail. If you receive a failure notice, check your email addresses and try again.

  2. Via the Yahoo Groups Web site
    After you've signed in, go to the community you wish to post to, and click Messages. Beneath Messages you'll see a link to Post. Click Post, write your message, then click Send Message.

Note: Yahoo Groups restricts messages to 500 kilobytes in size to prevent abuse.





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