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August, 2000 

Kow Chip Bingo - Event Management Software System Information now available here.   


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Other News!

CRAFTON HILLS COLLEGECheck out the Baroque Festival and other current activities:
Find out What your Learning Style Preferences Are at:
Celebrity Cypher, New Win-98 specific version   Now Available.  You can find it in the download area.


Would you like your own copy of the Lottery Number Analysis Program?? -  Request One Here!   

This package, which is provided FREE,  includes a current copy of the California State Lottery game history file {super.txt}, of more than 1390 games and a Windows-9x Console Program written in MS-VC to analyze the number frequencies.  The user can send output to: a file, the printer or simply display it on the screen.  Output is similar to our 60+ summary, but you can select your own target frequency to highlight, and set the number of games to include in the analysis.   

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